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26 September 2005

Specific Technology Outcome
'processes for productivity' - P.6.4.1 - Students will use communication technology to interact with others; select and use the appropriate technologies to communicate effectively with a targeted audience

Subject: English Language Arts
Grade: 11

For this specific technology outcome, PowerPoint will be incorporated into a class presentation created by pairs of students for the purpose of communicating to their peers (the target audience). The medium provides the opportunity for students to show their ability to use viewing and representing in combination with speaking (as presenters) while simultaneously permitting their peers to practice listening, reading, and viewing (as observers). Integration of technology into their presentation will also serve to meet the English Language Arts outcomes 4.1 and 4.2 by employing a technology communication tool to develop a product including text and non-text items.
Specifically, the assignment will be the representation of a piece of literature read that year through both text and relevant visuals. The students may represent the plot, specific characters, or overriding theme(s) found within the piece of literature they choose. If interested, students may use additional technology to complement their PowerPoint presentation, or they may choose to use PowerPoint as the sole medium. Other technologies to consider may include music, video/DVD clips, or video recordings.


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